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Payroll Services

With PayPointe, Inc. you won’t get an automated system when you call.  We will provide you with a dedicated payroll specialist that will provide personal attention each and every time you call in your payroll data.  We believe you deserve personal service.  Payroll is met on time, every time.  Call us today and one of our specialists will help you get started on the path of worry free payroll services.

• Personal attention by specialists you will know and trust
• Customized products for your business using the latest state-of-the art technologies
• Direct deposit
• Filing of Federal and State payroll tax returns
• Electronic tracking of 401(k) and employee benefits
• Payroll processed locally
• Payroll reports customized to your specific needs
• Live payroll or After-the-Fact payroll

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Staying current on ever changing tax laws and regulations, meeting strict deadlines, and avoiding costly fines and penalties can be a burden for any company. Our specialists are well versed in these regulations and well positioned to help employers reduce expenses, eliminate manual tasks, and allocate resources for other strategic activities.

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Accounting Services

Complete bookkeeping and financial reporting services available to fit your company’s needs, whether it’s monthly, quarterly or yearly.
• Bill payment
• Bookkeeping
• Preparation of financial statements
• Workers compensation policy audits

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Tax Services

• Preparation of quarterly and yearly payroll tax returns including W2’s
• Preparation of Business and Individual income tax returns
• Preparation of Sales & Use tax returns

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Human Resources

PayPointe has partnered with Virtual Outsourcing Solutions, a professional Human Resources Consulting service. Using an HR consultant can save an organization time and money. One of the most expensive costs to an Employer could be the legal battle with a disgruntled employee. Using an HR Consultant can provide protection by confirming that the company is in compliance with current labor laws and practices.

HR Outsourcing provides the smaller business owner with the same protections and support that a larger company may have through the support of an internal HR Department. Our expert human resource consultants partner with business owners to implement strategies that are aligned with the goals of the company. Through an initial consultation, the consultant thoroughly reviews the internal processes and procedures to ensure compliance with the Department of Labor and various governing agency. We implement a plan to rectify any violations or risks that could become costly shall a notice of inspection, a complaint, or lawsuit be filed. Our number one goal is to reduce your risk by helping you to comply while working with owners to ensure their human capital is getting the maximum return on their investment. Retained Outsourcing Services are provided on a monthly basis determined by the number of hours needed. Hours are normally determined by the size, industry and needs of the company.

HR Consulting can provide the same services as above just on a project by project basis to businesses that do not need the monthly outsourced service. They may need to have an employee handbook update or consult with us on a termination. Our consulting services are billed on an hourly basis or by the project.

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Worker’s Compensation

Pay-As-You-Owe (PAYO) Workers’ Compensation Insurance Payment Solution

Workers’ Compensation insurance premium is based on gross payroll.  So to make premium payments as seamless as possible, PayPointe now offers the PAYO payment solution.  As an AmTrust Payroll Partner, PayPointe calculates the premium at the same time that payroll is processed and submits the reports to AmTrust on the insured’s behalf.

Benefits of PAYO include:

  • No deposit required
  • Improves cash flow since employer pays premiums based on actual payroll
  • Reduces the chance of additional or return premium at audit
  • Simplifies employers’ work since payroll company handles payments and calculation
  • Premiums are paid via direct debit, no need to write checks
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